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Unlock funds from your energy waste. Upgrade classrooms. Transform learning. Education facilities are some of the most energy wasteful buildings we work with, in many cases haemorrhaging up to 47% of their energy consumption avoidably.

The Shape of the Solution

An effective solution to energy cost reduction needs three elements:


The Eniscope hardware delivers real-time monitoring, with fast installation and capabilities at the building level all the way down to individual assets.


Cloud-based software available on any device, anywhere in the world. Identify waste, analyse consumption and set alarms to help optimise usage


The data is only as good as the people interpreting it. Harness all the expertise of a global energy saving company, with operations in over 60 countries

Watch our solution in action

Discover how Hillsborough Schools District in Florida, USA, is using Eniscope to unlock huge sums of money to funnel back into their classrooms.

See thee Eniscope in Action

Discover how we’re changing schools & colleges globally

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