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The Eniscope Air suite was designed to provide your buildings with a light, agile ‘Building Management System’ at a fraction of the cost usually associated with a full BMS. A building with Air integrated is truly smart offering a simple way to streamline your operations and ultimately to enhance your profit margins.

The Centre of Your IoT BMS

The Eniscope Hybrid provides 8 x three-phase channels of energy monitoring itself and is a vital central hub for this IoT system.

Working with the small but mighty ‘Eniscope Air Connect’, Eniscope provides the high-dependability network for the whole BMS system.

Don't you worry, this system can handle many Air devices all at once!

Putting Everything in Context

The Air Sense device is a versatile sensor (mountable on both walls and ceilings), providing granular data on:

– Temperature

– Occupancy

– Humidity

– Light Levels

+ You can add carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide monitoring

This data is accessible anytime via our cloud analytics platform. Not only is this data very valuable in it's own right, but other Air products can react to this data, allowing assets to be switched on and off depending on the light levels, or temperature, or whether a room is occupied.

Single Phase Monitoring & Control

The Air Switch allows you to understand your energy usage and identify your most wasteful assets. It measures the power consumed by an attached device through real-time energy monitoring but even more importantly it allows you to scheduling and control this asset - turning it off or on when required!

You can operate this on a schedule or with logic-based controls, such as when an external stimulus is met, such as:

  • temperature
  • humidity
  • occupancy

Intelligent IoT Control for HVAC

Air Ambient is our answer to your air conditioning & HVAC woes - it's the biggest energy and money wastage for commercial businesses, but we have the answer!

Our device addresses these energy wastage issues by enabling you to set schedules in the cloud – avoiding out of hours consumption and driving down usage. It then allows you to set temperature ‘bands’ within which your staff will be comfortable, taking the pressure off the device but maintaining comfort.

Intelligent Three-Phase Control

Air Digital is our sleek, quick to install answer to energy abusive, three phase assets. These assets include commercial fryers for example, which often remain on (in banks of multiple units) consuming energy all day.

In combination with Eniscope Hybrid’s monitoring capabilities, Air Digital allows you to control these three-phase assets with schedules or logic controls via our Cloud platform. Turn assets on and off as required, or based on stimulus provided by other Air devices – like our multi-functional wall mounted sensor Air Sense.


20%+ Energy Savings

Total visibility and control across your assets means we can deliver typically in excess of 20% energy bill savings. How much product would you have to sell to generate the same in profit?

Better Maintenance

Most maintenance is reactive or pre-scheduled. With asset-level monitoring our team can tell you when an asset is about to breakdown and alarm against key asset failures, so you know instantly there's a problem.

No Disruption

Our products are lightweight, fast to install and easy on the eye. We make sure your customers won't know the difference, keeping our work subtle and largely out of sight.

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